In our laboratory we continually work towards optimising our existing products and processes. The laboratory also supports the production and is responsible for quality analysis.

Depending on the application and requirements, we test on:

  • Colour

  • Thickness

  • Weight

  • Width

  • Stiffness (Shirley test)

  • Flame retardancy (indicative B2)

  • Rub fastness (dry and wet, according to ISO 105, crock test)

  • Tensile strength (according to ISO 13934)

  • Tear strength (Elmendorf)

  • Blocking at 50°C and 70°C

  • Double fold test

  • Glueability of synthetic and animal glue

  • Offset, screen and foil printability

  • Hanging behaviour of window decorations

  • Light transmission, absorption and reflection values

  • Reminder ability for pleated mesh

  • Pleat height

  • Water repellency

Permanent process management and control of our end products ensures that our high standards of quality are maintained.

The quality is also maintained and monitored during the production process using the latest camera detection system technology (ISRA Vision) and online machine data registration.