Firmly holding a book together

A book doesn’t only tell a great story, but is also a beautiful possession. Van Heek Textiles globally distributes linen for making book covers. A linen book cover that is nicely bound gives any book added value. Van Heek Textiles only supplies the very best quality bookbinding linen so that each book is able to individually differentiate itself.

Our customers

Van Heek Textiles has two production departments. Linen for making the best book covering is produced and finished in the Textile Covering Materials department. Counted among our customers of book covering materials are:

  • The graphic sector;
  • Bookbinderies and Manual bookbinderies;
  • Producers of office supplies;
  • Photo album specialists;
  • The comic and sample books branch;
  • Producers of reproductions and canvas paintings;
  • Packaging industries;
  • Menu card producers.


In excess of 150 years' experience

Van Heek Textiles already has more than 150 years of experience as an industrial supplier of fabrics and knitwear. The entire manufacturing and finishing process takes place in our factory in the Netherlands, after which worldwide distribution takes place through our network of agents.

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