Get realistic prints of paintings and photos! We have canvas types suitable for digital printing with latex and UV inks, as well as a canvas certified for all single shot HP Indigo series.

CANVAS DIGOTEX is a high-quality canvas in a polycotton mix, specifically for art reproductions on stretcher frames.

CANVAS DIGOTEX is packed per 100 sheets and available in 2 standard HP sheet sizes:

  • 460 x 320 mm   (digital A3 size)
  • 750 x 530 mm   (digital B2 size)

CANVAS DIGOTEX, the only certified canvas available without a specific shelf life.

certified for HP Indigo 50


  • HP Indigo 5000-7000
  • HP Indigo 12000
  • HP Indigo 15K HD Digital Press


HP instruction and info sheet

Certificate HP Indigo 12000
Certificate HP Indigo 5000-7000 series

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Canvas Digotex certified for HP indigo vanheektextiles web1

IMG 1903Canvas Digote

IMG 1904 Canvas Digotex