A comprehensive standard collection with different qualities and many colours forms the core of our assortment. This collection is mainly available from stock or can be produced at short notice. We set the highest standard for colour fastness, constant quality, flatness and glueability. The same applies to the technical characteristics of printing and stamping and cutting ability.

Standard delivery of our cloth is in rolls varying up to a maximum width of 138 cm. Standard roll length is usually 100 metres. For the measurements of the individual qualities we refer to the specifications on the page of the relevant quality.


In principle it is possible to produce any colour to client specification in all qualities. The minimum quantity for these special colours is 1500 metres. At a surcharge it is also possible to produce custom made colours Brillianta in runs of 400 to 1499 metres. 

Roll lengths are available on request and vary from 20 to 1500 metres. If required, we can cut smaller rolls to a minimum width of 2.5 cm. We can also supply our materials cut into sheets.

Furthermore, we are a reliable partner for fabric developments such as flame retardancy or the application of WDR, thermo, hotmelt or self-adhesive coatings.


On request we provide sheets in A3 size (32 x 45cm) or in piece lengths in the standard roll width.

For the various applications, all of which have their own requirements, the collection of Van Heek Textiles can be divided into 4 categories:

  • natural finish

  • coated

  • spine reinforcement materials

  • offset qualities