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Pollen & Insect Screens

Polyester mesh forms the basis for an extensive assortment of insect repellent products.

The advanced knitting techniques of Van Heek Textiles guarantee a large degree of sheer strength and consistent mesh size.

Special characteristics, such as pleatability, flame retardancy and the Lotus effect, can be applied to the mesh fabric.

The insect repellent mesh fabric of Van Heek Textiles is applied in the insect screen industry, caravan and tent industry and in the agricultural industry.

Mesh fabric with a maximum width of 320 cm and pleat heights varying from 10 mm - 50 mm are among the possibilities.

Poll-tex ®

Poll-tex is a patented product and a solution for people who have an allergic reaction to pollen. 

This high-quality screen product combines several desirable properties. It wards off pollen, it has a high degree of transparency and has a high relative air permeability. The application of Poll-tex® means hay fever patients can still ventilate their bedroom without letting in pollen. These three properties make Poll-tex ® a unique product in the world and it is ECARF certified.

The extensive test data of the Charité hospital in Berlin shows how and in what manner the tests on the four different types of pollen took place.

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