Printing linen in offset?

For special applications, such as linen printed in offset, Van Heek Textiles has developed a number of special qualities. We look for opportunities for new products and innovative applications on a daily basis.

Our offset linen

Van Heek has specially developed the following offset linen for customers who want to print linen in full colour offset:

Printex: Has perfect printability, owing to its finely woven structure and flatness. The natural appearance is maintained because of this.

Imprimex: This very finely woven quality, featuring a bright white topcoat, is used for bookbinding, posters and reproductions. Owing to the perfect flatness it feeds easily into the presses.

Reprotex: Is highly suitable for sample collections where high demands are imposed on tear strength and durability. Combination of cotton and polyester.

Van Heek Textiles: your reliable partner 

Van Heek Textiles delivers its standard linen in rolls which vary in width up to a maximum of 138 cm. The standard roll length is usually 100 meters but cutting it into sheets is not a problem. We are also a reliable partner in the development of linen with, for example, a flame retardant finish or linen featuring:

  • WDR coating;
  • Thermo coating;
  • Hotmelt coating;
  • Self-adhesive coating.

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