Van Heek Textiles: Global sun blind supplier 

L. van Heek Textiles bv has been a renowned sun blind supplier for more than 150 years with a special department for textile interior sun blind fabrics. Our collection of interior sun blind fabrics differentiates itself through creativity, colour use and functionality.

Uses for these fabrics include Persian and Venetian, plissé, roller, roman and panel blinds. See the examples of our window decoration products below: 


Finish with special properties

L. van Heek Textiles manufactures creative interior sun blinds in collaboration with collectors. By using different yarns, coatings and structures, the sun blind fabrics are finished with special properties such as:

  • Fire retardancy:
  • transmission;
  • absorption;
  • reflection.

Included in our standard stock collection of interior sun blind fabrics is the Padova.

Padova fabrics are suitable for indoor use and available in 46 colours. In addition there are fire retardant fabrics including the Reggio and the Assisi, available from stock and in various colours. These are especially suitable for the Project Market.

Sun blind supplier with an eye for quality control and reliability

All our products undergo rigorous quality controls. Tests in our proprietary laboratory include:

  • colour;
  • thickness;
  • fire retardancy;
  • transmission, absorption and reflection values;
  • stiffness.

Van Heek Textiles is known as a reliable and service oriented supplier of sun blinds with a consistently high quality and with high delivery reliability. 

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