A fully integrated production process of weaving, knitting, finishing, coating and formatting makes Van Heek Textiles unique. Through combining its own R&D department, laboratory, connections with various research institutions and universities, as well as a good commercial network, Van Heek Textiles knows what is happening in the market and is therefore the right partner for companies and institutions. Demands from the market determine continuous product development.

This enables us to provide customised solutions. The modern production techniques enable Van Heek Textiles to manufacture virtually any required woven or knitted structure. Air permeability, mesh size, tensile strength, etc. form variables that can be applied to the specific usage situation of the product. In this way we have been able to translate our many years of experience into sustainable relationships with our clients in the various industries, with the development of the product being established on the basis of co-makership, together with the client.

Our materials are, for example, applied as carrier materials in the tape industry, as conveyor belts in the cigar industry, as carrier materials for wound dressings in the health care industry and as interior coatings. We can add specific properties to our woven fabric carriers through the application of a coating, such as a specific colour, a certain reflection, a release coating or a flame retardant coating. Van Heek offers the possibility to process the specific requirements of the various industries in its products.



Van Heek Textiles produces a carrier material for textile tape products. Depending on the specifications of the client, a knitted or woven fabric can be applied as carrier material. A coating applied to the material will add specific properties. This could be a colour coating, a reflection coating or a release coating.



Van Heek Textiles produces woven and knitted fabrics that are used as pollen filters, particulate filters and as filters for liquids or other substances. Application areas for these filter materials include HVAC industry, filter bags for liquids and the insect screen industry. Depending on the application, we can apply a patented electrostatic coating to our filter materials.



Van Heek Textiles produces carrier materials for products that find their way to the automotive industry.



Van Heek produces knitted materials that are used as bobbins for the transport of tobacco leaves for the cigar industry. The labour-intensive punching of the wrapper and binder takes place in countries such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic. The punched wrappers and binders are placed on bobbins and sent to Europe deep frozen for further final processing.