A textile manufacturer with 150 years' experience

For one and a half centuries now, we have been manufacturing high quality textile products in our textile factory. We are a textile manufacturer who, together with the customers of our products, thinks about new application opportunities for the textiles made in our textile factory. Industrial knitwear and fabrics are manufactured in our factory in Losser in the Netherlands. When producing, we take due account of the environment.


Quality and innovation

Semi-finished textile products are made in our factory including for use in products used in the tape and automotive industries. Among other things, we supply:

  • Covering materials
  • Technical textiles
  • Canvas Printmedia
  • Window decorations such as plissé curtains
  • Pollen and insect screens

By using our advanced knitting techniques, we have developed insect resistant polyester scrim. For people allergic to pollen, there is Poll-tex®, a patented high-quality screen product that ventilates your bedroom while keeping pollen out. We’re happy to make a specified quotation for the product you’re looking for.

Uses for our technical textile materials include carrier material for in the tape industry, filter industry, cigar industry and automotive industry.

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Textile factory with constant quality and reliability

Van Heek Textiles is known as a reliable and service-oriented textile manufacturer of technical textile semi-finished products. Our products are known for their fast delivery time, consistent good quality and high delivery reliability.

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