Wordwide textile supplier of exclusive fabrics and knitwear 

Industrial fabrics and knitwear for all kinds of applications are manufactured at our factory in Losser (Netherlands) and distributed internationally. This, in a nutshell is what Van Heek Textiles as a textile supplier has been making a point of honour for over 150 years.

Textiel leverancier
Textiel leverancier van halffabrikaten
Textiele halffabrikaten

Textile production in own hands

It all began in 1859 and expanded steadily to the worldwide textile supplier we are now. Thanks to our global network of agents, we are able to be an international player. We also focus on the production process on a daily basis, which as a textile supplier, we keep completely in our own hands. As a result, we managed to bring our good name in the field of textile production to the high quality level for which we’ve been known for decades.

Textile supplier with an eye for quality control

A textile supplier like us cannot afford to make any concession whatsoever when it comes to the quality of our products. That’s why we attach exceptional importance to ongoing and thorough quality control during the production process and we guarantee a detailed final inspection of our textile production.

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