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Anton Corbijn - MOØDe

Texts: Anton Corbijn, Karen Van Godtsenhoven
Publisher: Hannibal Books
Design: Tim Bisschop & Anton Corbijn
Printing: die Keure, Bruges
240 pp / 170 × 240 mm / hardcover / English

Board game UP!

Concept and design by Matthew Law http://mattthewlaw.com/

Imprimex and Shirting by Van Heek Textiles were used for the game's base and mountain board. Pristine White by Colourplan was used for the cards.

Material distribution in New Zealand by PaperSource
Photography by Matthew Law

Marc Mulders. Works 1980-2020 – Special Edition

The Special Edition of 'Marc Mulders. Works 1980-2020' consists of multiple parts: a signed book with a special cover, collage and a drawing2 signed artworks on paper, a signed artwork of glass, thistle-collage, T-shirt, mask and a flag of The Green Man.

The work was bound by a renowned Dutch bookbinder, Gijs Wortel. For each copy an impressive 1.5 meters of Dubletta was used.

Design and production support: Mark van den Eijnden
Binding: Gijs Wortel
Production artworks of glass: Ad van den Hoven
Design and production of the package: John van Hoorn, M-Display
Vegetal design: Babette Kessels
Photography by Van den Eijnden - ontwerp

For more information, go to: http://vandeneijnden-ontwerp.nl

Mario Testino: Pasito a Paso

Pasito a Paso is a book by Mario Testino, dedicated to Marinera.
Marinera is a traditional dance originating from Peru - motherland of the renowned photographer. 

The book is filled with luscious photography and accompanying narrative stories that describe the evolution of the dance and affirm its beauty.

For the cover Reprotex was used. The material was offset printed to achieve the rich red hue on the back and spine, and black and white tones in combination with the contrasting red title on the front cover.

Printed by www.graficabiblos.com

Material distribution in Peru: www.resmark-peru.com/



Menu with botanical print

Menu cards bound in Metallium. The beautiful UV printed botanical prints adorn the inside while foil stamping was used on the cover.

Work by Unicover

Smiljan Radic. Obra Gruesa/Rough Work with foldable cover

A book by Smiljan Radic, one of the most renowned architects in Chile. The book named Obra Gruesa/Rough Work presents twenty-four most famous works the architect worked on between 1990 and 2015. All richly documented with pictures, illustrations and detailed drawings and sketches.

What makes this book special, is its simplistic yet finely shaped design, the immaculate binding work, and a folding cover that moves in both ways. The cover, bound in Brillianta, stays put when leafing through the book but also forms itself accordingly when carried on hands.

Obra Gruesa / Rough Work
Illustrated Architecture by Smiljan Radic
Published by Hatje Cantz and Ediciones Puro Chile


Bibliotheca, a modern version of the Bible, characterized by its clean lines and minimalist design. With the aim of making the Bible more accessible to a wider audience, much attention was paid to the selection of the right fonts, materials and layout.

Design: Adam Lewis Greene
Production: Kösel
Website: www.bibliotheca.co
Photo courtesy of Bibliotheca

The Best Dutch Book Designs 2018

33 books for the 33 Best Dutch Book Designs bound in 33 colours of Brillianta.

Design: Gert Jan Slagter

Publisher: CPNB Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek

Jose Cuervo Margarita Kit

Jose Cuervo Margarita Kit by Wright Studio. The box is lined with our Brillianta®, a beautiful classic cover material that adapts to many uses.

Project by: Winter & Co UK Ltd., www.winter-company.com

Karen Hackenberg Monograph

Art book by Karen Hackenberg. Printed in a limited edition of 50 pieces. For the spine of the book Brillianta 4000 (black) was used. The box was covered with Brillianta 4312 (green) and Brillianta 4058 (yellow). 

Design: Murray Lemley, Printed by: Lenoirschuring, Box bound by: FopmaWier.

The Migrant

In the international judging at the Best Book Design From All Over The World festival in Leipzig, the book "The Migrant" by Anaïs López won a Bronze Medal.

The book was bound in Dubletta 3257.

Design: Teun van der Heijden, production: Drukkerij Rob Stolk.

Museum De Lakenhal

Book about the 145-year history of Museum De Lakenhal, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the friends association, the "Vereniging van Belangstellenden in Museum De Lakenhal".

Bound in Dubletta 3257, designed by Karen Polder, performed by Boekbinderij Van Waarden and printed by NPN Drukkers.

Van Gogh Cabinet

For the Van Gogh Museum, Buro Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters, designed a cabinet containing facsimiles of the four remaining sketchbooks by Vincent van Gogh. To approach the original linen covers of two of these books as closely as possible, our cover materials Fancy Linen and Halflinnen Dark were used!

Grand Hotel Europa

Grand Hotel Europa by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer is one of the best-selling books in the Netherlands at the moment! (January 2019)
A very special moment for both Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer and Van Heek Textiles, since the book is covered in Brillianta®.

Liberamicorum WvE

Friends, colleagues and admirers of the well-known Belgian lawyer (and book aficionado) Willy van Eeckhoutte, put together a liberamicorum for his retirement.
The book has WvE's initials and typo-pages, using fragments of text contributions, indicate the chapters.
Bound in Brillianta Calandré 34039.
Designed by Studio Nej de Doncker for Wolters Kluwer publishers Belgium.



Oprah Winfrey

Over the years, Oprah Winfrey  has made history. From all her experiences she has gleaned life lessons - which she's shared in O, The Oprah Magazine's widely popular 'What I Know For Sure' column, a monthly source of inspiration and revelation. These thoughtful gems have been revised, updated, and collected in What I Know For Sure, a beautiful book bound in linen with a ribbon marker, packed with insight and revelation from Oprah Winfrey. 

Miró and the Catalan poets

Miró and the Catalan poets is a numbered edition limited to 1,500 copies, consisting of a large-format book and a study book in a box-case. The project was directed by Vicenç Altaió, one of the leading experts in the painter, and had the close collaboration of the successors of Joan Miró, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona and the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Palma.
Project by: Winter & Company Spain

Footnotes for the Panther

Book by the South-African artist William Kentridge (1955), in which he has conversations with writer Denis Hirson about the enormous complexities of making art.

Design by Oliver Barstow, bound in our new Senator trend colour 74000.


The first book in our quality Brilliance, a 100% FSC certified material, so the entire book is from beginning to end in compliance with the FSC criteria.

“A column of fire” or in Germany “Das Fundament der Ewigkeit” by international bestselling author Ken Follet.

The Best-Dutch Book designs 2015

In Hondje, the one and only true Yvonne Jagtenberg, we follow with frivolous amazement the experiences of this cheerful animal through the four seasons. The fresh brightness of this children's book, both in layout and synergy between text and image, immediately got a plumed hat. "Delightful illustrations, well chosen lengths of the stories and a beautiful linen band." Made in Brillianta 4320.

Jewelry box

Organize your jewelries and small accessories in a uniquely designed jewel box with eighteen compartments for your earrings, rings and other accessories.



Display your A4 sized photo or certificate in an easy slot-in frame that perfectly suits on your tabletop or any display area. It’s a stylish way of reminiscing fond memories with families, friend and loved ones. www.prints-international.com

Photo frame

 Paste your 4R photo using a glue or photo stickers. You can even add labels and designs to make it lovelier to stare at. It can be used for a gift on special occasions and can be mailed conveniently. www.prints-international.com

Magic photo album

Make your memoirs much more special with this handmade photo albums with 20 sheets of quality acid free photo paper. Use embellishments, stickers and memorabilia to add up fun. 
Tracing papers are provided in between of every page to keep your photos protected. www.prints-international.com

Handmade photo album

Make your memoirs much more special with this handmade debossed Brillianta photo albums. www.prints-international.com

Guest book

Simply decorate with photos, messages and scrapbooking materials! Also popular to be used as a guestbook for special occasions like wedding and parties. Debossing on Brilliana. www.prints-international.com

Pen pot

Give your pens and pencils their home and keep them in order with this adorable pen pot. You can also keep you small things and stationery items to enjoy the clarity on your workspace. Made in Brilianta. www.prints-international.com


Delicately handcrafted by our Artisans, this is the perfect box to put gift cards on weddings and other festive occasions. www.prints-international.com


Plan your year with Prints 2017 diaries! The Daily Diary allows you to plan your tasks and activities for the whole day. It is an hourly basis diary making you more certain about the timetable you have set for the day. www.prints-international.com


Plan your year with Prints 2016 + 2017 diaries! Organize your schedule with the 18 Months Diary, which allows you to plan your tasks and activities from July 2016 to December 2017. Easily view your schedule by weeks and take down notes and reminders at the same time. www.prints-international.com

Tissue box

Keep your tissues clean inside our exclusive and decorative tissue box. www.prints-international.com

Pen pot

Give your pens and pencils their home and keep them in order with this adorable pen pot. You can also keep you small things and stationery items to enjoy the clarity on your workspace. www.prints-international.com


Keep your desk neat and clean by placing your things inside this holder. www.prints-international.com

Storage box

Have a more cheery storage for your specs, pens and other stationery items. This handy and collapsible case is made with a magnetic lid that adds prestige as you keep your things inside. www.prints-international.com


Make sure your desk is uncluttered with this delicately handcrafted drawer. www.prints-international.com

Note block

Make sure you always have your scribbling notes neatly placed and close by. It sits perfectly by the phone, on your bedside table or desktop. www.prints-international.com

Archive box

Keep your documents intact as you store them in this handcrafted archive box. Make it more fun to organize by pairing index inserts.  www.prints-international.com

Archive box

Keep your documents intact as you store them in this handcrafted archive box.  www.prints-international.com

Flip box

Handmade Flip Box is the perfect multi-functional storage solution. Use it for storing your A4 sized papers, in/outgoing mails, and all your other stuff.  www.prints-international.com

Children's book

In this book, philosophical questions for children are made accessible and insightful. Linen spine Brillianta 4058. Source: De Monsterkamer, Photography: Sanne Kabalt


The book Pine reflects the turmoil Annegien felt as a child while cycling 15 kilometers every day from home to school and back.  She is convinced that her impressions, emotions and wrestles are kept in this landscape at the time.

Bound in Brillianta Calandré 34038 and blind stamped.

Source: The Monsterkamer, Photography: Sanne Kabalt

Photo book

Laura Hospes joined the UCP, a psychiatric department of the hospital after a suicide attempt. From the first day she caught herself with her camera. Laura Hospes has been voted one of the fifty best-performing photographers for 2015, chosen by the International LionsCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2015 jury. Bound in Brillianta Calandré 34001. Source: De Monsterkamer, photography: Sanne Kabalt

Porsche Panamera

The ultimate Porsche Panamera GTS book, luxury Chinese edition in casette bound in Finesse.

Best Book Design 2017

The “Best Book Design from all over the World” 2017 has been awarded! The highest prize for the world's most beautiful book goes to the publication “Ornithology”. It won the “Golden Letter” from almost 600 of the best books from 32 countries.
Brillianta® 4044 of Van Heek Textiles was used for the spine of this fantastic book.
Design by Jeremy Jansen, Publisher De Hef.

Special collections

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the Dutch Society of Bibliophiles, they emerge from the shadows of their libraries and display their finest treasures in this 430 page book. Bound in Finesse and equipped with a special foil printing.

Anne Frank

Exclusively available at the Anne Frank House and the Anne Frank House online shop:  blank  journal with an introduction of 16 pages about the life of Anne Frank.  Printed in full color  on Printex.


Colorful book in matching slipcase on the pilgrimage in Mexico. Bound in Brillianta with embossing. www.comercialwhitehouse.com

Presentation tool

Presentation tool covered with Brillianta to show your fabrics.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, written by author J.K. Rowling,  hardcover book.



Limited Edition of the Revised Authorized Version of Psalms and forms. Due to its small size this bible is easy to carry. Patchwork: Natuurlinnen.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie's comfort food is a cookbook with over 100 recipes for every moment in your life that you have something to celebrate. "This book is a treat, both the recipe and the book itself" - Jamie Oliver www.winter-company.com

Restaurant La Marée

Menu card for seafood restaurant La Maree, located in the heart of Vienna, made in our Magic.  www.gastrotopcard.com

Detail menu card

Menu card, detail of the interior made of Metallium.  www.gastrotopcard.com

Room folder

Exclusive room information folder, bound in Metallium. www.gastrotopcard.com

Reinforced menu card

This menu card leaves nothing to be desired and impresses with simplicity, style and optimal functionality. Reinforced card,  inside and outside covered with Senator. www.gastrotopcard.com

Restaurant Bambu

This menu card leaves nothing to be desired and impresses with simplicity, style and optimal functionality. Reinforced card, inside and outside covered with Senator.  www.gastrotopcard.com

Menu with loose paper

Reinforced menu card covered with Metallium. Clamping rail in the back to fix loose paper easily. www.gastrotopcard.com

Two-colour menu

Menu made of two colors Metallium. Sheets of paper can be exchanged quickly through the convenient Quickfix system. www.gastrotopcard.com

Restaurant Belmond

Menu card for restaurant Belmond Miraflores Park, Lima Peru. Made from Fancy Metallic and silkscreen printed. www.resmark-peru.com

Restaurant Osaka

Main menu card for restaurant Osaka in Lima, Peru. Made in Halflinnen light, silk screen and foil printed. www.resmark-peru.com

Asian food in Peru

Menu cards for the Asian restaurants Sukha and Matsuei. Material used for the cards:  Saphir with silkscreen, UV inks and foil printing. www.resmark-peru.com

Restaurant Cala

Main menu card and dessert menu card for restaurant Cala. Made in Metallium and foil printed. www.resmark-peru.com

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Numbered, Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set, bound in Brillianta. www.winter-company.com


A coffee table book that explores the similarities between the creations of haute couture house Dior and the paintings that defined one of the most popular 19th-century art movements. Bound in Brillianta and offset printed.

Moment & Memory

Nog een prachtig boek voor al uw speciale momenten en herinneringen. Gebonden in Fancy linen . www.paperian.co.kr


This series of scrapbooks is created for storing all your precious memories. Fancy linen is used for the cover which makes it also dirt-repellent. www.paperian.co.kr


A very special 38-year-old Royal Salute Chivas, available in an exclusive gift box made from Brillianta Calandré. www.winter-company.com

Holland & Sherry

Since 1836 Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with some of the finest cloths in the world. This luxurious cloth box is finished with our sparkling blue glitter Magic and completed with a silver foil stamping. www.winter-company.com

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana gift bag made of two-sided Brillianta. www.fontanagrafica.net

Baby album

Handmade baby photo / scrapbook album. The cover is tailored with playful elements and bound in Brillianta.

Wallpaper collection

Hookedonwalls gives you a new perspective on wallpaper. This wallpaper collection book is made of our extra heavy quality Reprotex and printed in offset.

Stingray restaurant Australië

Buckram Premium menu printed with UV inks.

Reception book

A reception book with plenty of space for personal messages and adding photos. Bound in Brillianta and then punched.

Historical book

Intimate portrait of the rise and fall of the Captains of industry in Twente. Especially interesting for our company as the family history of the Van Heek family, founders of our company, is discussed. Bound in Finesse orange and offset printed.

Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades of Grey has become the best-selling book in Britain since records began, surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows . Beautifully foil stamped and bound in Brillianta Calandré;  presented in a special slipcase. www.winter-company.com

Stationary Eslite

Regina notebook, outstandingly silkscreen printed around.

Special atlas

Stunning series of books with fold out maps of the Ottoman Empire. The maps are offset printed on Printex.

The Best Book Designs

A professional panel of judges selects the best books of publishers, designers, printers, artists, authors, academy students and other bookmakers and brings this together in the catalogue The Best Book Designs from the Netherlands. Bound in Finesse with a beautiful foil stamping.

Fashion book

Collette Dinnigan is one of Australia’s most successful and celebrated fashion designers. This beautiful 261 pages book  “Obsessive Creatives”, bound in offset printed Brillianta Calandré,  takes you behind the scenes of the world of high fashion.

Vincent van Gogh

In cooperation with the Van Gogh museum a unique work of the entire collection of the museum is created on the occasion of the 125th year of death of Vincent van Gogh. His sketch books, concept books and notes are very accurately recreated. For this they used Brillianta, Natuurlinnen, Halflinnen Dark and different printing techniques. Limited edition 2998 pieces.

Sparkling packaging

The house of JC le Roux, leading sparkling wine house in South Africa, Stellenbosch. Luxury packing in Magic black. www.graphica.co.za

National Geographic

Bookcase covered with  inkjet printed Brillianta, designed for National Geographic by Mats Theselius voor Källemo Möbler Zweden.

Bhagavad Gita

Special limited signature edition of the Bhagavad Gita. Covered with Reprotex full colour offset and packed in a casette with Swarovski stones.