technische details

Technical Details

Warp 23.5 threads per cm, 100% rayon fibre, Nm 50
Weft 21.7 threads per cm, 100% rayon fibre, Nm 40
Weight 162 g/m², thickness approx. 0.31mm
Lamination approx. 30 g/m², acid-free paper
Roll length 100 metres
Roll width 135 cm, usable width 132 cm
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Brillianta Calandré

van heek brillianta callandre 2

* The colours may deviate from the original colours; on request we will be happy to send you a colour swatch.

Based on the quality of Brillianta, an additional calendering creates an even smoother and shinier cloth. This makes Brillianta Calandré very suitable for small, fine prints.